Bend, OR

Master Suite / Living Room Library

In this master bathroom transformation, we broke down barriers to create a more open and cohesive space. By seamlessly blending the shower, vanity, and tub areas, we achieved a harmonious flow that enhances both functionality and aesthetics. The original bulky tub was replaced with a sleek freestanding tub, making room for a larger shower and vanity. The reconfigured floor plan optimizes the layout, turning the bathroom into a truly open and inviting sanctuary.

In the living room, we focused on modernizing and maximizing utility. The fireplace was transformed into a sleek, contemporary feature that now supports a TV mounted above it, integrating entertainment with the room’s design. Additionally, we installed a built-in library complete with a rolling ladder, providing a stylish way to display the homeowner’s book collection, various knick-knacks and decorations, adding a personalized touch to the room.

Overall, these transformations have created spaces that are both stylish and functional, enhancing the home’s overall aesthetic and making it more enjoyable for everyday living. The master bathroom and living room now reflect a modern, cohesive design that blends convenience with elegance.